Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Sometimes our brains just stop functioning… we want them to work, but thinking seems so difficult. Often it's at times of high pressure, when there seems to be a lot to process all at once.

I was mowing the lawn the other day, and noticed how the mower slowed down when the storage box became full of cut grass. It wouldn't function properly until I stopped, emptied the box, and reconnected it.

I think people process what happens to them in a similar type of way. When there's a lot going on, there isn't the time to digest everything that's happening, and our cognitive processes start to slow down. The short-term memory is crying out for time and space to empty itself a little. We can keep trying to push and push, but what is needed is to stop for a while, and empty ourselves of everything we've just been through.

For me, the 'emptying of the grass' in our minds is sometimes shown when we stop fussing and fighting, and let ourselves 'let go', or even cry, for once. That often seems to come before renewal. I think it is the way we become fluid again, and release ourselves to move forward.

Just a thought.